Zabadani Women’s Initiative




 Zabadani Women’s Initiative : “ STOP THE VIOLENCE  ”

For over three and a half years the city of Zabadani, in the southwest of Syria, has been besieged by the Syrian government. Zabadani’s residents were originally attacked by the Syrian government for rising up peacefully to demand human rights and democracy as part of the non-violent movement that started in March, 2011.


Since July, 2015 the siege has taken a critical turn, with the Assad government relying on Hezbollah militias from Lebanon to fight for them on the ground. In addition, the area has been hit with more than 3,000 barrel bombs, and tens of thousands of rockets, missiles and shells. More than 22,000 civilians are trapped outside the city without access to food, water or medicine.
Despite this desperate situation, the women of Zabadani have not given up hope. Over 470 women from Zabadani risked their lives by publicly signing their names to a statement demanding to Stop the Violence. Click here to see the statement.
Since then they have gathered nearly 3,000 signatures from other Syrian women all over the country who are in solidarity with them. Click here to see the solidarity statement.
The Zabadani women are mothers, sisters, and daughters who have all lost loved ones and whose lives have been deeply impacted by the conflict. They are also doctors, activists, teachers and other community members who have worked tirelessly to hold their communities together despite the violence. They have experienced the siege first hand and continue to push for a political solution.
Call to action
  • Read the Zabadani women’s statement calling for an end to the violence.
  • Sign this petition to express your support for the women of Zabadani, and all women in Syria who are calling for a political solution to end the violence.
  • Call decision-makers in your country to demand that they put pressure on Iran to negotiate for an end to the siege of Zabadani.

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