Forced displacement operations continue to plague Syrians wherever they are; most recently the forced displacements of Syrians

from Homs northern countryside as well as south of Damascus. However, what makes this recent operation different from its predecessors is that the displaced are not allowed to enter the Euphrates Shield-held areas, in rural Aleppo. Convoys of internally displaced persons (IDPs) who want to access these areas are still in the open for the fourth day in a row. They have not been provided with any reasonable explanation for why their access is being prevented.
The current number of IDPs is roughly 1,500 people, including children and women, evacuated in 68 buses. The majority of the IDPs are from the south of Damascus. They are suffering from difficult humanitarian conditions while waiting to enter the ​​Tal al-Rahal area, near the town of al-Bab.
Residents of al-Bab have organized a protest demanding that IDPs be allowed to enter, and be provided with urgent assistance.
Accordingly, Center for Civil Society and Democracy (CCSD) calls for the following:

  • The parties who control these areas in Aleppo countryside must allow IDPs to have access to these areas.
  • Provide urgent humanitarian assistance such as shelter, food as well as medical services.
  • Allow Syrian and international organizations to operate in the Euphrates Shield-held areas, to provide the necessary relief to IDPs as well as civilians to meet the urgent needs.

Finally, civilians must not be used as bargaining chips to negotiate with or pressure the various parties to the conflict.

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