Syrian women have suffered from political and economic marginalization as well as social oppression, which has weakened their participation in decision-making, and reduced the opportunities and possibilities available to them, compared to men. In addition, Syrian women have been subjected to legal injustice. Their rights were marginalized by both the constitution and laws, and they were denied citizenship for their children. Moreover, there are many other discriminatory laws that have been established in successive constitutions which classified women as the most vulnerable group in society. Consequently, we are committed to eliminate all these discriminatory laws and increase support for women’s issues in order to achieve equal opportunities.
Over the past years, we have focused intensely on women’s issues, and we have reached a large number of women community leaders, providing them with support in their work. In economic, social or political terms women also constitute a major resource in the local communities as well as the national community.
Women’s issues and rights are closely related to human rights as well as democracy. We cannot establish a democratic society, which respects and protects human rights without achieving gender equality. Gender justice is related to the full rights of all Syrians, irrespective of their gender or social status. Nor can we achieve sustainable development without the participation of women in the economy through the sharing of resources and equal opportunities.
We aim to bring about sustainable change by ensuring women’s legal and social rights. Therefore, we are focusing our efforts to establish a supportive Syrian society which takes women’s issues and rights into consideration.

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