Local Partners
CCSD attaches great importance to partnerships and always strives to work closely with local partners to achieve common goals based on our belief that civic action is collective and available to all without any discrimination or negative competition when the objectives and goals serve the public interest.
Over the past three years, the number of our local partners has increased as a result of their involvement with our programs and by developing cooperation mechanisms and improving the quality of networking.
CCSD partners with groups either directly or indirectly through our networks.
CCSD has partnered with more than 500 organizations, local councils and women’s groups through our work and we have collaborated with various community leaders.
We have participated in multiple initiatives involving more than 13,000 individuals.

International Partners
CCSD’s approach is based on transparency and cooperation with international partners to promote the exchange of knowledge, expertise and culture between all organizations, both domestic and international. Through our international partnerships we aim to convey the voice of the Syrian people and to increase pressure on these organizations for the effective realization of the Syrian people’s priorities. CCSD’s partnerships are varied.
With some partner organizations, CCSD participates throughout the program cycle, from planning to evaluation on the ground, while with others we may focus only on international advocacy efforts.
With some partners we work step by step in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, as is the case with our partnership with the Peaceful Change Initiative (PCI), Inclusive Security and Hivos.
Some of our international partnerships have included assessing community needs as well as the institutional needs of CCSD in addition to project planning, as in the case of Democracy Council.
In our partnership with International Women’s Forum have cooperated in project planning and advocating for CCSD’s work and issues.

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