CCSD seeks to set a good example by dedicating ourselves to building trust and extending bridges of cooperation and communication among members of society through our activities, which aim to serve Syrian society. Therefore, all CCSD employees are committed to dealing with any issues of our organization with a high sense of commitment and credibility. This means that they must always act with honesty and integrity in accordance with the laws and regulations in the areas they work, while also avoiding any potential conflicts of interest.
Establishing and maintaining a working environment that ensures respect and dignity for employees is one of our key goals, and this requires that all employees, managers, staff, consultants or volunteers be committed to high standards of professionalism and ethical behavior. All CCSD staff must treat the rest of their colleagues, partners, trainees, trainers, volunteers and consultants in a professional and courteous manner.

All CCSD staff is committed to full-time employment and are therefore required to work sufficient hours to ensure high-value results that serve the common good. Our staff are not allowed to work in other organizations without prior permission, regardless of the nature of the work.
CCSD employees who hold managerial positions are non-partisan. This means that they are not permitted to have affiliation with, or bias toward, any political party, political movement or religious institution, nor are they allowed to adopt any political opinions that could influence the independence of CCSD.
Recruitment of close relatives of current employees is not allowed, to enable more Syrians to participate.

Confidentiality of information
CCSD employees are committed to ensuring confidentiality. CCSD employees are not allowed to transfer, copy or disseminate any information they have received, by virtue of their work, that has not been made public, except as required due to their duties or with the permission of their direct supervisors. It is not permitted to use such information for the benefit of CCSD employees.

Full compliance with laws and regulations
CCSD staff are fully committed to complying with the organization’s laws and regulations as well as the laws and regulations of countries in which they operate. They are also under an obligation to respect local customs and traditions in all areas where they work.

CCSD is committed to applying the principles of transparency in our work, particularly with regard to funding and finance issues, as well as all published resolutions, statements and circulars. Furthermore, CCSD staff are committed to the highest standards of transparency in accordance with the laws and regulations within the organization.

Internal oversight at CCSD aims to detect and prevent any improper, illegal or non-transparent conduct. In this context, it is the responsibility of all employees to disclose any improper, immoral or illegal conduct that may have an effect on CCSD. Employees are entitled to discuss CCSD values, policies and laws, and can deliver them in accordance with administrative and internal law. These discussions may include the actions of managers, employees, consultants, volunteers, trainers or contractors, and all details are investigated to the fullest extent possible. If the alleged error is proved to be a violation of a policy, values ​​or law, the person responsible for the violation is subject to disciplinary action including the termination of her/his employment contract. Any employee can provide confidential concerns and complaints.

Equal Employment Opportunity
CCSD is committed to ensuring equal employment opportunities for all employees and applicants irrespective of their race, religion, faith, age, national origin, ethnicity or gender. This policy applies through all levels of employment.

CCSD is committed to ensuring a working environment free from all forms of discrimination that may occur through actions, words, remarks as well as comments based on race, religion, faith, age, national origin, descent, citizenship or gender. Moreover, any form of employee misconduct which humiliates another person and undermines the integrity of the labor relations is strictly prohibited.

Complaint and investigation
Any employee, volunteer, contractor or trainer who believes that a man or woman has experienced discrimination or harassment is entitled to inform that person that his or her conduct is unacceptable.  In addition, we ask all individuals who believe that they have been discriminated against or harassed to report the incident to the human resources manager or to their direct supervisor, and we will responded appropriately with swift action and an investigation will be opened into the complaint. Upon completion of the investigation, the results are sent to the complainant and the defendant.
In case CCSD has ascertained that discrimination has occurred, the perpetrator is subject to appropriate disciplinary action. And if the complainant is dissatisfied with the results of the investigation, he/she can therefore seek a review of the decision.

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