The spread of political, administrative and economic corruption, as well as the lack of accountability over the past decades have made the Syrian regime one of the most failed, despotic and tyrannical regimes in the modern era. These are the most important factors that pushed Syrian people to launch a major protest against the Syrian regime. This popular protest movement continues to this day despite the substantial changes in its structure; while the protests began as peaceful and civil demonstrations, they have since then been militarized. In order to prevent Syrian people from turning to violence we are working towards building transparent and fair governance institutions with a high level of community participation.
No comprehensive change can be achieved, while maintaining stability, without the participation of organizations capable of bringing about the desired change. Nor can these changes be acceptable without the effective participation of local communities in decision-making and the accountability of governing institutions. It is essential to have a fair electoral system that allows people to participate in the selection of their leaders. It is also crucial that there be mechanisms for public monitoring and accountability for emerging governance institutions.
In order to achieve progress in governance, we believe that there is more need to discuss the current situation of civil society actors in Syria with regard to transparency, in addition to the need to spread awareness about the concept between the public and activists.
The focus should be on democratization of civil society, in addition to monitoring and contributing to establishing governments and local authorities. We hope to be able to secure a knowledge-based interaction, create a platform for public monitoring and to increase the quality of results to reach an advanced stage in terms of impact and reform.

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