Every society that seeks improvement and development at the political, economic and societal level must have a strong foundation upon which to build. One of the most important aspects of such a foundation is a common vision from all actors in society.
We believe that peacebuilding and justice are priority issues to stop the killing, bridge the gaps between Syrian society’s diverse groups and communities, and promote coexistence.
To achieve this we focus on building Syrian awareness and capacity in transitional justice, conflict resolution, and negotiation, which are the three core sections of our Peace and Justice Program. Through our Peace and Justice Program, we work towards strengthening the peace process in Syria and stopping violence and human rights violations.
We also work to ensure effective community participation. This will be achieved by building the capacity of Syrian civil society to implement sound local solutions, while also linking them to the peace process at the national level to enhance communication by creating a feedback loop.
We are also working to improve social stability and prepare for political transition that will ultimately end the culture of impunity by holding the perpetrators of human rights violations in Syria accountable.

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